Feather Hat Pins

Feather Hat Pins


What does a feather hat pin do? Or as some may say - purpose?!

Here is why a feather hat pin is worth buying.

  • It enhances a hat when you want to dress it up -  you can add it to a hat when you want to "take your look to the next level" as one customer put it
  • It can transform a hat in a stylish way 
  • It can add beauty to an otherwise plain hat - if you want to make your hat look more special then this is the way to do it
  • It adds a country chic look to your outfit - if you are into country pursuits then this will complement your style 
  • It makes a great present - one of our customers bought 10 hat pins to send to her close friends during lockdown to show that she was thinking of them and cherished their friendship
  • It gets you admiration! - "I've had loads of compliments since I started wearing it on my Nola hat" Andrea R

            Not just for hats!

            We have had a few customers who have bought some feather hat pins as an original button hole for their wedding. This makes a refreshing and very stylistic change to the traditional flower button hole


            Handmade in Devon

            Our feather hat pins are hand made by Jaffe Fils who are based in gorgeous rural Devon in a delightful old brushworks factory.

            All of the feathers are by-products of farmed poultry or common game birds and not from rare or endangered species which are then mounted onto a quality hat pin. 

            All of the feather hat pins that we have chosen for the Rain Hat Collection are vibrant, striking & spectacular and we hope that you will appreciate their beauty 

            So go ahead buy a feather hat pin as a gift or for yourself!



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